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Skate 3 Gallery

These are images I created with the graphics creator for SKATE 3, a game I played on Xbox360 but is also available on Playstation 3.


They could be used as decals for your apparel and as tattoo for your character ingame.

I was also a part of WICKED, a group of guys who enjoyed creating spectacular graphics and skate parks for the SKATE3 community!

I created a few images to promote our creations, which resulted in a park created to showcase our ‘shop’ 🙂

Wallpainting in the Nursery

Here are some pictures of a wallpainting i’m creating in the nursery.

First a couple things i need to do this….


Then the layout


And offcourse the characters






Timon and Pumbaa


Kaa, Rhino and ….








Some more characters


Finding Nemo Bowl


My concept (photoshopped tree)

And it’s done!! 😀