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Forza Motorsport 7 designs

Ken Block 2021

The new livery for Ken Block’s 2021 season was revealed last week, designed by “itsaliving”, who creates very cool artwork based on typography, His Tire Slayer artpiece is the base for the new livery…

So that’s what i had to recreate 🙂 😀
SC: 950 927 252

Tuned by PTG Jamie.
SC: 851 411 564

Subaru pics taken by PTG DAN0 408

Having built the layer groups I had the opportunity to use them on other cars… 😀 😀 😀

Like the Hoonigan Porsche 🙂

And… I had to give the Hoonicorn an updated livery 😀 😛

Demon Hunter

it’s had been a while since i created a female character for a design… And this one was really fun to do! I love the textures and materials used in this cosplay by Irina Meier. I loved the set of photo’s and picked one to recreate. Here’s the progress and the result.

this was taken after the first hour of adding vinyl shapes to create the basic (flat) shape.
another 2 hours in I had started adding highlights and shadows to the skin.
4 hours later i had all the textures and details in place, creating the logo’s for this design took another 3 to 4 hours.
SC: 183 205 186
SC: 250 619 443