Ken Block Ford Focus 2016

Always been a fan of the liveries/decals on Ken Blocks cars….
So after seeing his latest one and seeing it as a challenge I started recreating it…. Not having great photo’s to begin with (from a recreator view) I started with the left side of the car (2 hours), then recreated the painting by Felipe Pantone for the bonnet (4 hours) and after that the rest of the car formed quite easily, using pieces from the bonnet art to fill the other side, top and back of the car (4 hours) and to make it complete the RX labels and the Kill All Tires decal for the back (another 3 hours).

In total 13,5 hours spent to get this as I liked it 🙂
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did recreating it 🙂

Ken Block Ford Focus RS 2016 livery on the 2013 Ford Focus ST

Another Awesome video by DJLime